Philips Digital Lock Review 2022 | Philips vs Starke Comparison

Digital locks are becoming more popular since they don’t require a physical key to open. The ease and convenience that a digital lock can provide make our daily routine less burdensome.

If you’re wondering how to decide between the many different brands of digital locks available, here is a comparison guide of The Ultra Slim Lock- Starke Seamless™ Holztür vs. Philips EasyKey 702E Digital Door Lock, both of which are popular digital locks in Singapore. Let’s go straight into it. 

The Ultra Slim Lock- Starke Seamless™ Holztür 

The Ultra Slim Lock- Starke Seamless™ Holztür grants one-touch entry in 0.5s. It stores up to 100 unique fingerprints. It has Anti-rust lacquer guards against any moisture, keeping the lock sleek and shiny. You can change its batteries under 30s.

With The Starke Seamless™ Holztür by Starke Digital Locks, you can get a more compact design for that sleek and modern touch without compromising on the perfect elegance of a smart digital lock.


  • Remote Unlocking With App
  • Visitor Entry Records
  • Anti-Rust Coating
  • Long Battery Life and Low Battery Alert
  • Backup Power Supply
  • Automatic Relocking

The multitude of features offered by Starke digital locks has brought it recognition over the years:

Price: $599.90

Philips EasyKey 702E Digital Door Lock

Philips EasyKey has a feature called “Fake PIN Code technology,” which lets you use random number combinations to get in as long as you enter the actual password in the same order each time. Fingerprint, Passcode, RFID Card, Mechanical Key, and WiFi are available in it. 


  1. Fully Auto Mortise
  2. Battery Life 10 months
  3. Touch to Unlock
  4. Built-in WiFi Module
  5. Indoor infrared sensor unlocks

Price: $949.00

Which is Better?

Price (Verdict: Starke is more affordable)

Starke’s Seamless™ Holztür only costs $599.90, while the Philips EasyKey 702E Digital Door Lock costs a whopping $949.00, which is significantly higher than The Ultra Slim Lock- Starke Seamless™ Holztür.

Security (Verdict: Starke offers greater security)

Starke’s Seamless™ Holztür is for you if you’re fed up with touchpads and fingerprint sensors that don’t respond after one tap. Using its SenseTouch™ technology, the company has developed a fingerprint sensor that is incredibly sensitive and accurate. One-touch entry is assured in 0.5s. Yes, that’s half a second. Regardless of humidity or dampness, even incomplete prints can be recognized.

The ANTI-HACKING PRINTSAVE™ System used by Stark stores your personal information like fingerprints and passcodes in a data storage system that can’t be broken into. It is secure and everything is safe. You don’t have to worry about anything. From your data to your home, it has 360 degrees of security.

Starke also makes visitor entry records available through its mobile app; so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of who is in your home, and who has left. Similarly, you can check your Philips digital lock status through the mobile app.

Starke’s digital locks offer real-time updates through the mobile app

As for the Philips EasyKey, it has a Dual Verification feature, adding an extra layer of security to your digital lock. It also features a break-in alarm to inform you of potential intruders.

Convenience (Verdict: Starke take the lead)

The Seamless™ Holztür by Starke uses easily changeable batteries, which ensure a fuss-free battery replacement. You can recharge this digital lock 100% in less than 30 seconds! Additionally, the auto-relocking feature ensures that you do not need to manually lock the door every time you enter or leave the place.

Most houses have more than one family member, so both digital locks have got you covered. The Starke Digital Lock and Philips Easykey can store up to 100 unique fingerprints, so everyone who needs access gets it. It easily scans and saves a new fingerprint in seconds. What gives Starke an edge is that all biometric data is securely stored in its Anti-Hacking PrintSave™ system.

To add on, with a battery life of 1 year, Starke’s digital locks take a slight lead over Philip’s, which has a battery life of 10 months.

Access Modes (Verdict: Tie)

Starke’s Seamless™ Holztür

  • Smartphone App
  • Fingerprint (up to 100)
  • RFID 
  • Pincode
  • Mechanical Key 
  • One-Time Passcode

Philips EasyKey

  • Smartphone App using Wi-Fi
  • Fingerprint 
  • RFID Card 
  • User Pin Code 
  • One-time Pin Code 
  • Mechanical Key 

Both models offer identical access modes, which give users a choice as to whichever is most comfortable or convenient for them.

Design (Verdict: Starke is suitable for homes in Singapore)

Starke’s digital locks are specially built for the humid Singapore weather, so never worry about chipping paint or rust. Its layer of anti-rust lacquer will guard against any moisture, keeping your lock sleek and shiny. 

Starke’s Seamless™ Holztür vs Philips Easykey 702E Digital Door Lock


Digital door locks are more durable than conventional door locks. If you have a digital lock, you don’t need to make duplicates of your keys in fear of misplacing them repeatedly, since physical keys are no longer needed. If you want to choose the an affordable and yet convenient digital lock, then The Ultra Slim Lock- Starke Seamless™ Holztür would be a great choice. It has every feature within budget. Click here to find out more about The Ultra Slim Lock- Starke Seamless™ Holztür, or other digital locks offered by Starke!

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