About Us 

With more than 20 years in the doors and locks industry, Starke has witnessed and experienced firsthand its remarkable evolution. From traditional mechanical locks to today’s holistic and digitally-enhanced security systems, the pace of change has been tremendous and will only continue to accelerate.

Our Beliefs

Since inception, Constant Innovation has been a core belief guiding our company’s decisions, actions and investments. This has motivated us to develop disruptive door and lock solutions which has moved the whole industry forward, making us the indisputable market leader. Today, we are proud to say we have one of the highest rates of trademarked technology in the sector, and our products have won numerous awards based on both functionality and design. Our R&D team and product designers based in Germany continue to strive not only to take technology to new heights but also, enhance the experience, ease and security of homes worldwide.

At Starke, we also believe that all homes are sacred spaces; a sanctuary from the harshness and challenges of the outside world; a place to rest, recuperate and reset for a new day. Returning home marks the start of the home experience. The ritual of entering the home should be one that calms and relaxes, as opposed to being worrisome and frustrating. Starke continues to seek out ways to enhance the experience of homes so that they may be the safe spaces that they rightfully are, places to recharge so that we may head out into the world and do our best work.