Samsung Digital Lock Review 2022 | Samsung vs Starke Comparison

Let’s face it – few things are as frustrating as misplacing your house keys when you come home after a long workday or a long night. It is a universal truth that a proper door lock should be a top priority for your house. A digital lock guarantees a sense of security and more. A digital lock can revolutionise your day-to-day life and take convenience and safety to a whole new level.

Starke and Samsung are some of the best digital door lock providers in the market, and both have mind-boggling popular products with Starke’s Large-Door Lock – Starke Seamless™ Länge and Samsung’s SHS – H505.

Large-Door Lock-Starke Seamless™ Länge vs Samsung SHS-H505

Large-Door Lock-Starke Seamless™ Länge Overview

Starke is a brand that emphasises quality and a good user experience. Its German-engineered door locks are designed to balance safety and practicality. The Starke Seamless™ Länge is a beneficiary of this tradition, as it offers advanced security features such as fingerprint unlock.

Starke takes it a notch higher by designing their lock to store up to a hundred fingerprints, providing a one-touch entry in 0.5 seconds! Moreover, this lock offers five access modes (keys, fingerprint, mobile app, passcode, RFID card), auto-locking, visitor access tracking, etc. 

This blend of functionality and elegance has seen it catapult to one of the top digital locks in Singapore. Starke digital locks have won several awards, including


  • Long Battery Life
  • Automatic Relocking
  • Backup Power Supply
  • Anti-Rust Coating
  • Visitor Entry Tracking
  • One-Time passcode
  • Remote Unlocking using a Mobile App
  • Wide Range of Access Mode (Fingerprint, Pincode, RFID, Mobile App, Mechanical Keys)
  • LCD Screen Display Date and Time
  • User Unlock Records
  • Voice Guide
  • Break-in Alarm


  • No fire warning
  • No Child-Proof Lock

Samsung SHS H505

This modern door lock provides several access options: a number pad, an RFID card, an RFID tag, and the Override Key. The number pad has a random security code feature to help you throw off onlookers; pretty cool. For additional safety, it has a fire detector and is fitted with sensors that detect physical jolts and unauthorised cards or access codes to set off the alarm. The SHS H505 has a child-proof lock to safeguard against accidental unlocks and volume control that enables you to open the door without disturbing others, or alerting you of every entry.

These impressive features have seen the SHS H505 collect various accolades, such as the Designer Award’s International Forum Design (IF) in Germany and the Reddot Award Winner’s Nordrhein Westfalen design centre in Germany. 


  • Auto-locking
  • Random Security Code
  • Fire Detector
  • Alarm in case of physical jolts and attempted unauthorised access
  • Child-Proof Lock
  • Volume Control
  • Emergency/backup power supply


  • User unlock records not available
  • No fingerprint
  • No remote control using a mobile app

Which Is Better?

Practicality and Convenience (Verdict: Starke Seamless™ Länge)

Starke employs top-level technology in their locks; they boast a variety of eye watering specs, starting with fingerprints and mobile app integration. The diverse unlocking modes ensure you can conveniently access your house however you choose. Furthermore, they have a voice guide for their locks which add to the ease of using the lock. Other cool features include the LCD screen display, which shows you the time and date, and a longer battery life of 12 months compared to Samsung’s 10 months. 

Samsung also offers several unlocking modes, but nothing as fancy as Starke. While it has a more modern look, Starke boasts more modern features, easily winning in this category.

Services (Verdict: The Large-Door Lock-Starke Seamless™ Länge)

Starke offers free delivery on the same day as their free lock installation service. Moreover, they offer a 2 years warranty and accept deposits from their clients. Samsung also offers free delivery on the same day as installation, which is also free. However, they only provide full warranty for a year, with the second year of warranty only covering parts. They also don’t allow deposits for the SHS 505.

Starke’s more extensive warranty and their regard for customers who prefer to pay in deposits see them edge out Samsung in terms of customer service.

Design (Verdict: Tie)

Starke Seamless™ Länge

The Starke door lock embodies the old-school door lock handle, blended with modernization features such as the LCD screen and the fingerprint. The SHS H505, on the other hand, has a sleek modern design, drifting away from the typical door knob and handle plan.

Overall, both companies offer fantastic designs, and you can’t go wrong with either lock. 

Additional Features (Verdict: SHS H505)

It is apparent that both locks are very safe and have undergone rigorous quality tests.

Starke has fitted their lock with various safety features, including automatic relocking, mobile app remote control, break-in alarm, and alert on attempted unauthorised access. Its most distinctive security features are visitor entry tracking, and user unlock records. 

On their part, Samsung safety features include automatic relocking, break-in alarm, and alert on attempted unauthorised access. The features that set it apart are fire detection, child-proof locks, and a random security code. 


The Starke Seamless™ Länge and the Samsung SHS H505 are both top-spec door locks that give value for money to anyone who buys them. The choice comes down to personal preference in design and what everyone finds convenient.

Samsung offers handy features with its fire detection and child lock features, but this comes at the expense of some real convenience and practicability features like fingerprint and mobile app unlocking.

On the other hand, the Starke Seamless™ Länge offers a broader range of features at around the same price as its Samsung competitor, making it more suitable for those who embrace modernity and better value for money. Be sure to check out the Starke Seamless™ Länge  on our main website for more information!

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