Why should you use digital locks?

digital locks

Locking the doors of restricted areas is not a new act. People have been using the conventional lock and key sets to lock their premises, offices, or any other restricted place, where anonymous entry is not allowed. These conventional lock and key sets are still a cheap means of security and used by many. But in this technological era, where different products have evolved to take up a new shape, the conventional locks are also revolutionized and are known by a fancy name ‘digital locks’. This article is focused on the pros of digital locks that make them adaptable and should be used by you in the place of the conventional lock system.

What is a digital lock?

A digital lock as the name indicates is a modern technology that is operated by the passage of electric current. Digital lock is not only used for locking mechanisms that are unlocked by the secret pin codes. But it is a broader term that refers to all smart locking mechanisms that can be unlocked by biometric means (fingerprint, face scan, etc.), RFID cards, and many other technologies. Many digital locks are using the smart cryptographic instructions from a wireless device to perform the locking or unlocking mechanism. This wireless administrative device is mostly your smartphone.

digital locks

Figure: A digital lock system

 A digital lock has many advantages that will convince you to use them instead of the conventional lock and key system. Some of these advantages are briefly discussed below.

  1. Keyless Entry

Gone are those days, when you had to keep a duplicate key under the doormat in case you lost or forgot the original key inside your office or your apartment. The modern digital locks provide you an option of keyless entry. That is you don’t essentially require a key to unlock the door. The key is replaced by other security means such as a pin code, RFID card, biometric identities, or other wireless devices. So, no worry about checking your purse or pockets, again and again, worrying about losing your keys.

  • Convenience

The digital locks also offer you convenience along with ease of access. The modern smart digital locks are controlled via a smartphone, so you always have access to these locks from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection. Thus, you can unlock the door by sitting anywhere that has removed the compulsion of physical presence by the door side to unlock it. Thus removal of geographic constraints and compulsion of physical presence is the second advantage of a digital lock.

  • Enhanced Security and Monitoring

Digital locks provide enhanced security features as compared to the conventional locking systems. The digital locks cannot be unlocked without the security password or smartphone direction as compared to a simple key lock that can be easily broken. In addition to this, smart digital locks also offer the features of mobile notifications and other monitoring features. The user can easily monitor the record of individuals entering or leaving the house or office just by tapping on the mobile application and reviewing the history. Thus, these locks are an added security feature to your house or any other restricted place.

Best Digital Lock in Singapore

We the best in Singapore try to shortlist the best of every product or service available in the country. This time the product is a digital lock. After reviewing a series of products, we have shortlisted the best digital lock available in Singapore.

Starke Seamless™ Designer Digital Lock

digital locks


  • 5 modes of unlocking
  • Smartphone application
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

Stark is a renowned international manufacturer introducing brilliant products for the customers. This time it is a smart digital lock that has all the features of being one of the safest locks of the world. You can unlock this lock using a pin, RFID card, biometric fingerprints, conventional key, and smartphone application. The feature of smart control has removed the geographical limitations and it can be unlocked from any part of the world.

To further know about its features and price, visit the website.

So, this is the right time to shift towards the digital locks that are secure as well as safe. And in terms of features, there is no comparison between a conventional and a smart lock. There are a variety of smart locks available in Singapore and we have shortlisted the best one above.

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