Why Digital Locks Are A Must-Have For Homeowners

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Ditch your keys for digital locks 

Digital locks are one of many finishing touches to upgrade your humble abode to a smart home. Yet, it isn’t just another convenient device to zhng-ing up your house. On the practical side, a digital lock enhances security and even unlocks doors lightning-fast – a useful feature for those who always fumble for keys.

Read on to find out other useful perks and most importantly, how you can enjoy risk-free purchases so you get your money’s worth.

1. Unlock doors instantly 

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Rather than wasting time looking for keys, a digital lock grants you instant access simply by punching in passcodes or scanning your forefinger/RFID card. Plus, those who often misplace or can’t bother with carrying keys around won’t have to hide theirs underneath potted plants or doormats anymore! 

When it comes to speed, an ultra-sensitive sensor in detecting fingerprints or RFID cards makes all the difference. In fact, the fastest lock, Starke Digital Locks, takes only 0.5 seconds to unlock doors. Check out Starke’s selections of locks here.

2. Stylish and luxe-looking 

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Gone are the days when chunky deadbolts were in trend. Most digital locks are now slim and compact, giving your home a modern vibe. Better yet if the locks are rust-free and layered with lacquer – two important factors to combat Singapore’s humid weather. 

Plus, customers who can’t decide on the designs won’t have to vex as well. Starke Digital Locks goes the extra mile by bringing up to 3 different designs for you to choose on the spot. You can then decide which locks look great on your door. It’s akin to shopping in a retail space – but the store comes to your doorsteps instead!

3. Easy sharing access for loved ones 

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Most biometric (fingerprint recognition) locks register up to 100 unique fingerprints – a bonus if your home is a hotspot for gatherings. Friends and family members outside of your household can enter freely without worrying if no one is at home to open the door. All they gotta do is press their finger pad on the scanner and voila! 

Tip: In case of malfunctions, you can consider a digital lock with multiple entry options. For example, Starke’s 5-in-1 door lock – fingerprint, pin, mobile app, RFID card, and mechanical key – comes with back-ups should your fingerprint scanner glitches.

4. Lower risk of break-ins and thefts

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While Singapore isn’t a hotbed for house-breaking, locks with intrusion alert further eliminate the slim possibility of trespassing. Doors are automatically locked the moment it is closed – a convenient feature for homeowners who often leave their doors open. 

Starke Digital Locks – pay in full only after installation

Since digital locks don’t come cheap, we understand why customers, especially first-time buyers, aren’t comfortable with making lump-sum purchases right from the start. To give you peace of mind, Starke Digital Locks offers risk-free purchases for their products:

  1. Pay in full only after installation – Fork out a small deposit of $100 and only commit to the full bill when you’re happy with your installed digital lock.
  1. Guaranteed refunds – Should your locks become faulty or non-operational, get your money back in full.
  1. Free installation – Regardless of your door type (plastic, wood, or metal), installations are free-of-charge. Note that a small fee of $40 is charged for steel doors as welding is required.  

With over 20 years of experience, our team of specialists will install your locks under 2 hours. Rest assured that all installed locks are wiped with hospital-grade disinfectants in light of the COVID-19 situation.

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