How to Find the Best Digital Locks in Singapore

best digital locks

Best digital locks are symbolic of a modern-day, smart home in Singapore. Compared to the traditional lock and key model, the benefits of digital locks are boundless. No more losing your keys, worrying about getting locked out, or having to call a locksmith because the key broke in your lock handle.

Beyond these obvious perks, reviews of the best digital locks in Singapore will tell you many other reasons why some digital locks are better than others. In this guide, we narrow these benefits down to 4 key essentials – relevant to Singapore – that will help you find the best digital locks in town:

best digital locks

Biometric (fingerprint) design

While there are many types of digital locks available, including password, Bluetooth, or RFID, biometric (fingerprint) digital locks are still considered to be the best option by many. Why? Because of how secure and convenient they are.

While Singapore does have a low crime rate, biometric locks add that additional layer of security because they are much harder to hack. That, and your fingerprint is unique to you. Literally, only you, or whoever else’s fingerprint you’ve had scanned into the system, can open the door.

Also, think about it: if you’re carrying heavy grocery bags after a whole day of shopping, do you really want to fumble for keys? Or would you prefer unlocking the door in less than 0.5s, with a fuss-free, simple tap?

Control of visitor access

The next benefit to look out for is for those of us who are busy 99% of the time (read: most Singaporeans). With remote control of visitor access, you’ll no longer have to physically be at home to welcome guests, or your extended family. Instead, you can unlock the door anytime of the day through a mobile app, while being in a different location. That means no more rushing home, because you’ll be able to receive notifications whenever your guests arrive, and opt to open the door for them.

Bonus tip: if you’re feeling lazy, you can also use this feature to let guests in without walking to the door.

Guaranteed warranty

While digital locks are generally more durable than traditional locks – which can wear out with frequent usage – some digital locks will be more reliable than others. With up to 80% of Singaporeans living in HDB flats with open corridors – subject to all kinds of weather conditions – it’s important that digital locks be made of high-tech, high-quality components for ultimate robustness.

Not only that, it’s worthwhile making sure the digital lock you choose will offer extended warranty protection. Some brands offer up to 3-years of guaranteed warranty, as a promise that the digital lock you purchase will last a long time.

Value for money

Being able to get a quality product for cheap is a Singaporean dream. To differentiate the good from the great, you’ll be happy to know some digital lock brand names offer additional services or features, like a built-in burglar alarm, for free.

As an estimate: the average digital lock costs around $500 to $800, with installation tacking on an additional $100 to $200. As some digital locks offer free installation with every purchase, this could save you a couple hundred dollars. Not to mention the headache of figuring out how to install the product, fast.

The conclusion?

Digital locks provide modern-day homeowners with enhanced security and convenience in one sleek design. The key to locking in the best option for you lies in making an informed decision. Keep these nifty benefits in mind to make the best digital lock purchase.

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best digital locks

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