Schlage Digital Lock Review 2022 | Schlage vs Starke Comparison

Digital locks are convenient and easy to use. With them, you don’t need to make multiple keys for each of your employees at the office or family members. Various brands offer digital locks in Singapore, making it difficult to choose. So today, we help you compare between two well-known digital lock brands in Singapore, Starke and Schlage, and their popular models – the Starke Seamless™ Rim and Schlage Keyless Deadbolt.

Starke Seamless™ Rim

Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt with Century trim paired with  Merano Lever with Century trim

Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt – BE375 CEN 619

Which One Should You Buy?

Many factors contribute to the performance and reliability of a digital lock. Let’s briefly consider these factors and evaluate both products. 

Features (Verdict: Starke is the winner in terms of features offered.)

The Starke Seamless™ RIM has many futuristic features that the Schlage Keyless Deadbolt lacks. Starke Seamless™ Rim is equipped with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology, allowing you to unlock your door with a digital card or tag. Additionally, it can store up to 100 unique fingerprints. In case the other options are not working, you can also unlock the Starke Seamless™ Rim with a mechanical key.

You can also lock and unlock your Starke Seamless™ Rim remotely from a mobile application; moreover, this application shows the recent activities such as unlocking, and the current lock status. An alert also pops up when someone unknown tries to access your place, known as the Break-In alarm.

On the other hand, Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt does not send any emergency alert or does not support any mobile application. The only way to unlock Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt digital lock is a pin code which is also available in Starke Seamless™ Rim.

No fingerprint scanner, no RFID reader, no mechanical keys, and no mobile app support puts Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt on a lower side. 

Reliability and Security (Verdict: Starke turns out to be more convenient and secure)

Security is a major factor you should consider while purchasing a digital lock. Starke Seamless™ Rim provides you with five ways to unlock; which makes it convenient as well as secure. It has the fingerprint unlocking function that turns out to be a major lead as you can give access to 100 persons through fingerprint scanning. Additionally, both digital locks can be unlocked with pin code access.

Moreover, Starke Seamless™ Rim maintains a record of users who enter the premises and prompts an alert if any unauthorised person tries to enter the place. In contrast, Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt digital lock does not allow fingerprints to stay on the keypad. Entering the pin code is the only way to unlock the Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt digital lock, which makes it reliable, and secure.

Performance and Accuracy (Verdict: Tie)

Both locks are comparable in terms of performance. Starke Seamless™ Rim and Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt digital lock both provide high performance and accuracy. The Starke Seamless™ Rim digital lock can be unlocked in 0.5 seconds with touch entry and store up to 100 fingerprints at a time.

On the other hand, Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt can store 19 four-digit passcodes in its memory as the pin codes are the only way to unlock them. Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt is as accurate and fast as Starke Seamless™ Rim. But if you are going to put these locks in your office, Starke Seamless™ Rim is a better choice as it can store more data.

Installation and Maintainability (Verdict: Starke offers convenience, while Schlage provides ease in the long run)

Starke Seamless™ Rim can be purchased directly from their online store; they provide free installation and quick, same-day delivery. It is easy to maintain as the batteries are easily replaceable within 30 seconds. Starke offers a 2-year official warranty for this product.

The delivery charges and installation fee of Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt depend on the retailer. You may have to wait and pay for the installation; moreover, this digital lock has a battery life of 2 years. It comes with a 3-year limited electronics warranty and; a limited lifetime mechanical finish warranty.


Both digital locks are reliable and highly reviewed in Singapore; Starke has won itself the recognition of several well-known local websites, like The Smart Local and The Wedding Vow. The Starke Seamless™ Rim costs around $559, and the Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt price is $324. Starke Seamless™ Rim provides seamless features with free same-day home delivery and installation. In contrast, Schlage Touch Keyless Deadbolt does not offer a lot in terms of features and may cost you more when delivery charges and installation fees are added.

Final verdict: The Starke Seamless™ Rim is more viable, especially in a larger setting, since it is smoother and faster.

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