Kaiser Digital Lock Review 2022 | Kaiser vs Starke Comparison

The convenience of using a digital lock compared to a regular one is not to be underestimated. The market currently offers a wide range of products to pick from. Choosing the ideal digital lock can take some time if you’ve never bought a product of this type before.

Starke’s Seamless Högher Push-Pull and the Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock PRO GN are among the most popular models right now. If you’re wondering which of the two models is right for you, we’ve prepared a handy comparison guide.

Starke Seamless Högher Push-Pull

Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock PRO GNS - For SG HDB and Condo Gates

Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock PRO GN

Awards (Verdict: Starke boasts more titles)

Starke’s digital locks have won several titles for itself, such as:

Price and Warranty (Verdict: Starke is more value for money in the long run)

Both locks are almost equal in price, starting at $699 for the standard set of features. Starke seems a bit more confident in the quality of its model though, as it offers a 2-year warranty by default, as opposed to the 1 year provided by Kaiser. Kaiser does have several extended warranty options, but each of them adds to the price.

Access Options (Verdict: Starke takes the lead here)

Both locks offer multiple different options for unlocking. Starke’s Högher Push-Pull is a little more advanced in this regard, supporting RFID, unlocking via fingerprint or PIN, a mobile app, and simple mechanical keys as a backup. Kaiser’s model requires a card, fingerprint, or password, and it also supports a backup override key. 

The ability to unlock the lock with an app can be convenient for many people. The Starke Seamless Högher Push-Pull also supports automatic Bluetooth unlocking when the user’s phone is in range. 

Finally, the lock allows users to set passwords with specific restrictions. For example, a password may only be available during certain hours of the day. Users can even configure one-time passwords. This feature should come in handy in cases such as guests coming over, allowing them to let themselves in without having to compromise your home’s security by sharing your actual password. 

Security (Verdict: Starke offers greater convenience alongside security)

Regardless of whether you go with the Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock PRO GN or Starke Seamless Högher Push-Pull, your home will be well protected. Both models offer an advanced approach to security, with designs that minimize the risk of unauthorized entry (more on that below).

Access options work reliably in both cases. We didn’t notice any situation where the device failed to recognize an RFID tag, for example. The fingerprint reader works well in both models and unlocks the device almost instantly. However, we did notice a slight extra delay when unlocking via fingerprint on the Kaiser+ model. The difference might not matter much to most people, but it can get annoying after a while if you frequently pass through doors locked with this model.

Something we appreciated in the design of the Starke Högher Push-Pull is that the model supports up to 100 fingerprints. While this may seem a bit excessive to some users, it’s actually a fairly reasonable limit for large households. If each family member wants to use several fingers, you can quickly end up with 40-50 stored fingerprints, or even more. In those cases, Starke’s model is a slightly better choice.

And thanks to automatic relocking, you won’t have to worry about keeping the door locked on your way out. Both locks will handle that automatically with no further intervention required on your part. Starke’s Seamless Högher Push-Pull might work a bit better in this regard for some people’s needs due to its Bluetooth support. It allows the lock to more accurately identify when the user has moved out of reach.

Design (Verdict: A draw between both models)

Starke’s Seamless™ Högher Push-Pull vs Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock PRO GN

Both companies have clearly put a lot of thought into the physical design of their products. The mechanical components of both locks are reliable and crafted with high-end materials. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t identify any security flaw in the design of either lock. Breaking through the lock using conventional means is practically impossible, even for more experienced users.

Even the backup keys utilize an unusual design that should throw off any skilled lockpickers. Neither model can be easily defeated using regular methods. The digital security of both locks is advanced enough that overriding it requires advanced technology which most burglars will simply not have access to.

As long as the locks are properly installed, dismantling them is also not an option for breaking through. Both models feature an integrated alarm that will sound off as soon as someone attempts to physically tamper with the lock. 

Extra Features (Verdict: Both offer unique and useful features)

Starke’s model stores detailed user access records which can be useful for auditing purposes. You can easily review who’s used the lock and when they accessed it.

Starke’s digital locks offer real-time updates through the mobile app

The Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock PRO GN has a fire warning alarm, and they also offered a digital door viewer add-on. It allows you to see who’s at the door remotely and requires minimal setup. However, the feature is not free and actually adds around 50% to the final price of the lock.

While both locks feature backup physical keys, we appreciate the external charging USB port provided by Starke. It allows you to charge your lock in case it runs out of power. This can be more convenient than carrying a set of spare keys around, as a USB power bank is something that many of us are likely to have in the car nowadays. 

Final Thoughts

Both the Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock PRO GN and the Starke Seamless Högher Push-Pull are excellent models that bring a lot to the table. If you prefer a simpler design that doesn’t utilise an app on the other hand, Kaiser’s model can work well. But those who value extra convenience and additional features will likely want to go with Starke’s model. Starke’s Seamless Högher Push-Pull is also an excellent long-term investment due to its durability and additional warranty. So if that’s what you’re looking for, click here to find out more about Starke’s digital locks!

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