Go Digital Lock Digital Lock Review 2022 | GDL vs Starke Comparison

When it comes to the security of your homes and offices, a digital lock is the best option over traditional locks. Aside from the high-security smart locks offer, they also bring you and your loved ones ease whenever you try to access your space. 

But before you make the final digital lock purchase for your homes, offices, etc, it’s always good to have all the necessary information that’d help you in making the right brand decision handy. This dictates that you find satisfactory answers to a list of important questions. Questions like, “which digital lock brand is the most appropriate for my home?” “Which features should I look out for in digital locks?” etc.

In this review, we’d answer these questions and more by comparing two digital lock brands, Starke Digital Lock and Go Digital Lock (GDL), and each brand’s popular model of digital lock.

Starke’s Ultra Slim Lock – Starke Seamless™ Holztür

Go Digital Lock’s DL 7 Pro Smart 3D Face Recognition Digital Lock

Here is a comparison table to help you compare between the two models which we will be looking deeper into:

Starke Vs GDL (Go Digital Lock) Digital Lock

Starke’s Ultra Slim Lock – Starke Seamless™ Holztür

If you’re a digital lock enthusiast, then you must, by now, be quite familiar with one of the most popular high-tech digital locks in Singapore, Starke Digital Lock. For one, its futuristic design of German origin is all you need to spice up your home design and style. 

One of Starke Ultra Slim Lock’s amazing integrations is its 5-in-one access mode feature. This feature offers you a wide array of options to choose from when deciding what to use for your digital locks. 

Do you feel like you might have some trouble memorising a passcode? Then you have the fingerprint option at your fingertip. Maybe for you, this fingerprint is a no-no, then you can use the RFID card option or eKey option that can be linked with your smartphone. 

Beyond the 5-in-1 access mode is Starke’s emergency power backup supply that can be highly useful whenever slight power outages occur.

Starke’s voice guide and auto-relock features are 2 other features that set this A-grade digital lock apart from the others in terms of security. 

Other classic features that make Starke a worthy buy include: its 0.5 seconds one-touch entry feature; the capacity to store up to 100 individual fingerprints; and a 30 seconds or less fast battery charge feature.


  • Cost-effective 
  • 5-in-1 access mode
  • 30s fast charge
  • Ultra-slim futuristic design
  • 0.5s one-touch entry
  • 100 unique fingerprint storage capacity
  • Auto relock feature
  • Comes with a voice guide for ease of operation
  • Emergency power backup


  • No break-in alarm system

Go Digital Lock’s DL 7 Pro Smart 3D Face Recognition Digital Lock

Go Digital Lock or GDL is one of the trending digital locks in Singapore as of today. This is because of the wide number of interesting high-tech features it has that ensure your home and properties are 99% safe from theft and intrusion. 

One interesting feature that makes this a possibility is GDL’s 3D facial recognition. This feature allows the digital lock to identify you with your face using something called the human-eye or 3D triangulation principle. This allows for accurate scanning and recognition of your face and that of your loved one. 

Also integrated into the program of GDL digital lock are; Bluetooth, WI-FI, passcode, fingerprint, and RFID card. GDL also has mechanical key compatibility. 


  • Offers multiple access modes 
  • 3D Triangulation Face Recognition System
  • Sleek design that blends well with your home style and design
  • Comes with a voice guide to help ease operation
  • Offers more battery power


  • Much more expensive

Weighing Your Options

Price (Verdict: Starke offers a much more affordable option)

For the low price of $599.90, you get to enjoy the multitude of features offered by the Starke Ultra Slim Lock. It is a bummer that the DL 7 Pro lock is rather costly, with its website stating a price of $849.00.

User Unlock Records and Real-Time Updates (Verdict: Starke provides an additional feature)

If you constantly find yourself worrying about the safety of your loved ones and belongings at home, Starke has the solution for you. With the availability of user unlock records as well as real-time updates on the mobile application, you no longer need to fret and stress over such issues! 

Awards (Verdict: Starke proudly boasts awards and 5-star reviews)

The sleek design and multitude of features has helped Starke Digital Locks earn the recognition of multiple websites through on-site awards. 

One of these is from Drum it Loud which has described it as the “Number 1 for Design and Value”. On The Smart Local, one of Singapore’s most popular lifestyle blogs, Starke Digital was also listed as one of the “Top 10 in Singapore”. It was also awarded one of the “Top 10 for Modern Homes” by popular lifestyle blog, The Wedding Vow.

Starke’s Seamless™ Holztür has several 5-star reviews on its product page, proving its value.

Unfortunately, GDL’s product page for the DL 7 Pro Smart 3D Face Recognition Digital Lock doesn’t have any reviews so far.

Access Modes (Verdict: GDL takes a slight lead with one additional feature)

Starke Ultra Slim Lock has a 5-in-1 access mode feature. This allows you to use a mechanical key, a passcode, fingerprint, RFID card, or eKey (which you can use with your smartphone)

Go Digital Lock on the other hand offers more advanced options with its 3D face recognition feature. Accompanying this access mode feature are also other modes like; the RFID card, eKey, Fingerprint, password, and mechanical lock features.

Design (Verdict: Tie – it’s all up to your preference)

Starke’s Seamless™ Holztür vs the DL 7 Pro Smart 3D face recognition digital lock

Go Digital Lock has a longer and more robust design. However, if you’d love a slimmer and modern-looking digital lock that blends perfectly with your doors, Starke Ultra Slim Lock is your best bet. Starke Ultra Slim Lock, as you can guess from the name, is a digital lock with a sleek and futuristic design for modern homes. 


There you have it, all the answers to all the questions (even the lurking ones) you might have before going ahead to make a purchase. 

GDL offers you 3D facial recognition features which can be interesting. On the other hand, Starke offers you more flexibility on your home security with a 5-in-1 access mode feature. Making it a more than worthy buy for your home are its ultra-slim futuristic design, extra fast touch entry, fast charge feature, and many more. 

So if you feel that Starke’s digital locks are the one for you, find out more on their website now!

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