EPIC Digital Lock Review 2022 | EPIC vs Starke Comparison

Digital locks are beginning to become the norm in Singapore. With many different brands offering these locks, Starke and Epic digital lock are among the most popular options today. So, let’s look at the details of the most popular models from each brand.

Starke vs EPIC Digital Lock

Both security companies provide flexibility and resourcefulness to homeowners living in Singapore. They scare burglars away while also protecting your family indoors. Starke’s Universal Lock (Starke Seamless™ Désignerin), and Epic’s EPIC Shine Fingerprint Digital Lock 6 in 1 are two examples that we will discuss, so read on to find out our final verdict. 

Starke Seamless™ Désignerin

EPIC Shine Fingerprint Digital Lock 6 in 1 

Here’s a comparison chart:

Starke and Epic digital lock are two known brands that offer competitive smart security features for homeowners to enjoy. With a brief overview of these digital locks that you can get in Singapore, we will next look into the features in detail.

Product Specifications: Starke vs EPIC

User Unlock Records (Verdict: Starke provides added convenience)

Storing user unlock records only adds to an enhanced sense of security. Starke is an award-winning, German-designed digital lock that stands for storing 100 user records using the Anti-Hacking PrintSave™ system. On the other hand, while EPIC does save user fingerprint records in their database, they didn’t particularly mention any anti-hack system like the Starke. 

Starke’s digital locks offer real-time updates through the mobile app

Starke’s Smart Detection Feature:

  • Anti-moisture 
  • Anti-heat
  • Anti-humidity 
  • One-touch entry 
  • Detects in half a second 

EPIC Smart Detection Feature:

Unfortunately, there are no details when talking about EPIC’s smart fingerprint detection. The website presents no specifications besides ‘fast’ fingerprint detection. 

Access Modes (Verdict: Draw!)

Starke and EPIC digital lock both support five access modes for unlocking the door.

Starke Access Mode:

  1. 100 Fingerprints stored in the Anti-Hacking PrintSave™ system.
  2. Passcode
  3. Mobile app
  4. RFID card
  5. Keys

EPIC Access Mode: 

  1. 100 Fingerprints
  2. Pincode 
  3. Bluetooth/Mobile App
  4. Optional WiFi connectivity (requires an additional $50 for a Wi-Fi Bridge)
  5. Card
  6. Keys

The unlocking modes are similar except for EPIC’s WiFi access which comes at an additional cost.

Battery Life (Verdict: It’s a tie)

Starke Battery Life:

The Starke digital lock uses AA Alkaline batteries. You can change the batteries and charge up your device in seconds. How convenient! The Starke has a battery life of one year, which means that no work needs to be done on it.

EPIC Battery Life:

EPIC digital lock works on AA batteries and a voltage of DC 6. The EPIC lock also has the same battery life of one year.

Extra Features (Verdict: EPIC takes a slight lead, with an additional feature)

Auto-lock feature is essential in digital lock devices and a must-have in households with infants. Both EPIC and Starke incorporate auto-lock functionalities.

Starke’s Features: 

Starke auto-lock feature relieves you from the panic and stress when you lose your keys, or when you forget to lock the door manually. Starke locks the door within a couple of minutes. Besides, the digital lock has a smart burglar alarm incorporated and concealed to catch intruders in real time. You can also grant access to visitors through the mobile app, where one-time passcodes can be created. How convenient!

One-time passwords can be created on Starke’s Digital Lock mobile app

EPIC’s Features:

EPIC digital lock supports high temperature detection (62°C) for its auto functionalities. In such a scenario, an alarm is sounded and the door automatically unlocks. It also gives a false scare-off alarm to burglars, and locks the door when you forget to do so. The doors get locked right after you shut them.

Product Services: Starke vs EPIC

Besides a bunch of premium attributes of each security device, there are also several services by EPIC and Starke that we will discuss in this section.

Awards and Reviews (Verdict: Starke has more to boast about)

To gain a better understanding of the quality of both products, let’s take a look at the awards and reviews of past customers. 

Starke Digital Lock: 

  • 33 Product Reviews (5 stars)
  • 144 Starke brand reviews (5 stars)
  • Awards
    • Drum it Loud: No. 1 Digital Lock for Design & Value 
    • The Smart Local: Top 10 Digital Locks in Singapore 
    • The Wedding Vow: Top 10 Digital Locks for Modern Homes 

EPIC Digital Lock:

  • 10 reviews from 3 sites (3 stars)

Installation Costs and Warranty (Verdict: Starke provides better post-purchase services)

Installation costs and warranty duration are a major factor in determining the buyer’s decision which is why we need to discuss what Starke and EPIC present to their user base. 

Starke Installation

The digital security company Starke offers device installation for free, except for the steel if extra welding is needed. However, installation is only free within two days of buying the device.

Starke also offers a hassle-free refund policy if anything goes wrong, or if you’re not completely satisfied with the product. Starke offers a 2-year warranty with its digital locking devices.

EPIC Installation

EPIC doesn’t officially offer free installation, but it depends on the retailer. The products come with a 1-year warranty. 


Now that we have discussed the key features, we hope that you have a better idea of which digital lock would better suit your needs. Both the security companies have a solid reputation in the security industry. From the digital lock’s functionality to its overall look, every penny invested in the digital lock is a win. 

While EPIC is suitable for those who wants something simple and compact, Starke’s digital locks are great for those who prioritise home security at an affordable price.

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