Digital Lock for Metal Gate in Singapore

Digital locks are getting more popular as we seek greater convenience and speed. Moreover, they offer greater security and make you feel safer. A digital gate lock can be used in your apartment, office, or condominium entrance. If you are using a mechanical lock, read on to find out why you should switch to a digital lock today! 

Benefits of digital lock for metal gates

Digital locks are more reliable and secure than conventional locks. Mechanical locks can be opened forcefully, and you won’t even get an alert; moreover, anyone can replicate your keys and enter your premises without permission. Therefore, conventional locks for metal gates in Singapore are not as safe as you might think they are. Digital locks offer a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • More secure
  • Easy opening of the door
  • Keyless entry (no more worrying about losing your keys!)
  • Fingerprint unlocking

Prerequisite for buying metal gate digital lock

Before purchasing a gate lock, you should check if your gate is suitable for it; Starke’s website offers the Loghome LH610-MG digital metal gate lock, which is recommended for all HDBs, condominiums, and private estate metal gates. Additionally, it is specially designed for Singapore’s metal gates.

How should you choose a digital lock? 

When buying a digital lock for your metal gates, you should consider factors such as pricing, modes of access, reliability, security, and maintenance.

  • Modes of access

Digital locks provide different ways to open the door, such as fingerprint scanners, RFID, mechanical keys, pin codes, and unlocking via mobile application. These features add convenience to your life by storing multiple fingerprints and pin codes. RFID (Radio-frequency identification) allows you to open the door with a tag or card.

  • Reliability and Security

When it comes to digital locks, the main concern is reliability and security; make sure the lock is built with solid resistible and anti-rust material, especially in Singapore’s humid weather. Some digital locks come with mobile application support, so you will receive an alert if someone is messing with your door lock. Other security features include fire detection alarm and auto/remote locking, etc.

  • Maintenance

Batteries power digital locks; do consider the lifespan of batteries as well as the replacement method while purchasing a metal gate digital lock.


Starke offers the Hafele GL5600 and Loghome LH610-MG which are specially designed for metal gates in Singapore. Starke Loghome LH610-MG Metal Gate Lock comes with a universal fitting suitable for all HDB, Condominium, and Private Estate Metal Gates. These locks come with a high-efficiency fingerprint scanner for opening the door; moreover, you can store up to 100 fingerprints in them. Both the locks allow you to enter your premise by entering a pin code. You can set any pin code of 3-19 digits.

Hafele GL5600

Loghome LH610MG Metal Gate Digital Lock | Also Known As LH600MG

Loghome LH610-MG Metal Gate Lock

Digital locks for your door also provide greater security. Starke Digital Locks offers other award-winning German-designed digital door locks which can bring you great convenience, ease, and accessibility. So, don’t forget to check out Starke’s website today! 

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