Why Singaporeans Trust DollarBackmortgage For The Best Mortgage Loans

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At DollarBackmortgage, we aim to give back to the community at large with over the decades of experience our team has garnered from being in the mortgage industry. 

Mortgages are complex financial instruments and unless you have experience in secured lending instruments, chances are you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes! 

We have everyone from pricing managers, product managers, and policymakers within our network to ensure we get the latest and updated information to recommend to the public at large.

You get to gain access to various strategies and insights on your mortgage loan which is not readily available to the general public. Our team regularly releases tips and tricks on our blog page regarding everything from getting a mortgage for your new home to refinancing down the line.

Ok, so how do we actually help you beat the mortgage game? 

Our mortgage consultants scour through the tons of mortgage packages available across more than 18 major banks in Singapore. The best home loan packages are then selected based on historical trends of the various banks, existing market conditions, and industry-specific information. This way, you get through the noise and focus on which home loans are best suited for your current and future financial needs.

Also, there are no upfront costs for the advisory provided by our consultants. What that means is that you don’t have to go around calling bank to bank and dealing with unresponsive staff just to ensure you get the best mortgage package available for your needs. Just help us find out more about your needs and we will then show you what is the best available in the market for you! 

Oh and we also have one of the best rewards programs in Singapore!

All our clients enjoy cashback and discounted fees through us both for a home loan for a new property as well as a refinancing. That means having ZERO UPFRONT FEES PLUS CASH REWARDS!

Visit DollarBack Mortgage to start maximizing your savings today!

Written by Jovin Pendhar, Mortgage Consultant at DollarBack Mortgage

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