Live Smarter with TTLock

Our mobile application opens up a world of features you never imagined a lock would have.

Control Access

Easily add and manage users via the TTLock app. You get to decide who’s in and who’se out.

Remote Unlocking

Unlock our door with your phone even before you reach home. Just a tap and you’re in!

One-Time Passcode

Have a part-time helper coming by? Grant her access through a unique one-time passcode.

Visitor Entry Logs

Easily keep track of who’s entering and leaving via the TTLock app.

Enabled in all* STARKE digital locks


✓ Greater Convenience

✓ Greater Security

✓ Greater Peace of Mind

*Subjected to individual product specifications

get smart with Starke

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Door Digital Locks

The Universal Lock

Starke Seamless™ Désignerin

Door Digital Locks

The Large-Door Lock

Starke Seamless™ Länge

Door Digital Locks

The Modern Lock

Starke Seamless™ Högher Push-Pull

Door Digital Locks

The Ultra Slim Lock

Starke Seamless™ Rim

Door Digital Locks

The Ultra Slim Lock +

Starke Seamless™ Holztür

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