3 Best Digital Locks for Letterbox in Singapore 2022

Regular days with your normal locks would require a lot from you. First off, you have to carry the key around with you everywhere you go. In worst-case scenarios, you can even misplace the key and be forced to contact a locksmith. Extra expenses!

Thankfully, we do have amazing inventions to curb the unnecessary stress we have to go through with normal locks. With digital locks, you no longer need any keys. All you need is your passcode, smartphone, or thumbprint, and you have all the access to your mails.

Better still is that you’re less exposed to the risk of duplicate keys. You don’t have to carry a bunch of keys around. With a single key (or thumbprint, passcode, faceprint, etc.) you can unlock and access everything.

So, which types of digital locks are best for your letterboxes, or even your homes and offices? Let’s find out together in the next section.

Some of the Best Digital Lock Brands to Buy


Price: $140.00 (laminatedoor.sg price)

Model: Nikawa Letter Box

Nikawa Letter Box Digital Lock Silver (Photo from: Laminate Door)

One of the most important features to consider when it comes to the security of your mailboxes is the type of locking mechanism you use. 

More than anything else, you want to make sure the kind of letterbox lock you get grants only you and any other authorised person access to your mails. 

NIKAWA Letterbox digital lock offers you this opportunity on a platter. Unlike some other types, this letterbox lock brand allows you to easily replace your old mailbox lock without having to retrofit or customise your mailboxes. It also doesn’t block your postman’s access to the boxes whenever they need to submit your post mails to you. 

Another particularly interesting feature of this mailbox is how easily you can replace its batteries without having to unlock or disassemble the digital lock. 

WT (WangTong) Mailbox Lock

Price: $52.00 (laminatedoor.sg price)

Model: WT-M-1602

WT-M-1602 Lock (Photo from: Shopee)

Want to drop those keys and go digital with your locks? WT(WangTong) Mailbox Locks might be a great place to start. 

This digital lock is particularly engineered for letterboxes. With a high-security passcode you get to create by yourself, you and your loved ones can access your mailboxes with ease, at any time. 

Once you have installed and programmed it for use, all you’d have to do is turn anticlockwise to register your password and you have all the access you need. 

Best of all, installation is a walk in the park and you don’t need to bring a whole team of engineers to work on WT mailbox installation in your HDB. 

Unlike other brands, WT (WangTong) Mailbox Lock offers you 2 other options, fingerprint, and RFID card features. As such, you can decide to use either of them if you feel like you don’t want to memorise passwords. 

This letterbox lock also has an alarm system that you can activate to track unwarranted access trials into your mailboxes. This alarm goes off after 4 fake password inputs.

SB Digital Mailbox Lock

Price: $149.00

Model: SB Digital Mailbox Lock / Letterbox Lock

SB Digital Mailbox Lock (Photo from: AN Digital Lock)

SB Digital Mailbox Lock is another one of the best digital mailboxes to have in your HDB. It is a small, simple, sleek mailbox lock that doesn’t disfigure your mailboxes. With this lock, you don’t need to drill holes to install it. 

One of the fascinating things about this mailbox is that It comes with CR batteries that can last up to a year. 

SB Digital Letterbox Lock for HDBs also comes with alarms that go off for 30 minutes after 3 failed password attempts.

Its sleek and lightweight design makes it highly durable and functional. With careful handling, you are sure to enjoy them for a long time… right until you’re ready to change apartments or upgrade.

Are Digital Locks Only for Letterboxes?

No they aren’t. 

The great thing about digital locks is that they can also be used in your homes, offices, shops, outlets, gyms, etc.

They offer so many advanced features that do not only make your security tighter but allow you to experience a smoother way of living. 

Among all the amazing features digital locks offer, there are a few important features that you’d find rather interesting. First is the smartphone control feature that many smart locks allow. 

Starke’s Digital Locks, one of the best digital locks in Singapore that you’d find, offers this amazing feature. This feature allows you to control your locks from a mobile app designed for this purpose. With it, you can easily gain access to your homes, gyms, offices, etc. Starke has gained recognition from reputable names like The Wedding Vow, The Smart Local, and Drum it Loud, so make sure you check out Starke’s website today!

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