We Sold 80,000 Digital Locks. Here’s How.

The Locks That Won Over Everyone

1. We Are The Only German Experience

The Highest Quality Products Of German Engineering

Starke’s Digital Locks are all engineered exclusively in Munich, Germany. Compared to those of other origins, being German-engineered means that our materials are of a much higher quality. 

From the materials to the technology being used, Starke Locks are used widely in even the most secure banks as the gold standard when it comes to industrial-grade digital locks.

You can be sure that when you purchase a Starke Digital Lock, from our service to our product, you are truly getting the absolute best in the industry.

Feel Secure With The Best Industrial Grade Materials and Security

We use the highest ranking industrial materials for top-notch qualities. No more key scratches, no more rain damage. Using the most fascinating blend of resistant hardware, we assure a level of security no one else has ever successfully developed before.

We use the best, we provide the best. 

Our Locks Don’t Get It Wrong

With our industry-leading fingerprint sensitivity score of 99.98%, this means that your lock is virtually incapable of letting in the wrong person. 

A capacitive, AI controlled fingerprint scanner also means that your fingerprint can be recognized no matter which position you place your finger in, reducing the chances of a failed recognition.

Voted Most User-Friendly Digital Lock

Our all-rounded approach covers even the slightest movements required by our consumers to simply open a door. We invest in making things easy. With our newest interfaces, there is not one customer who can’t make it work. 

2. Our Customers Trust The Right Brand

Home safety is not a joke, every Starke lock is quality checked. We don’t just make lives better, we make them easier. 

You Can’t Find Our Prices Anywhere Else

There’s nothing like affordable luxurious goods. Here at Starke, we bring you the highest value for the lowest price in the market. We live by the notion of “You Get What You Pay For”. And you should not be paying more for lower quality products. Household digital door locks should be accessible and affordable to every home owner, and that is exactly how we have made the world better.

The Only Lock Safe From Key Scratches

Starke locks are known for its NUMBER ONE non-scratchable surfaces in the world. Instead of mineral glass, Starke uses 99.9% sapphire crystals, one of the hardest surfaces you can find on earth. Most digital door locks just use mineral glass, which cannot be polished or repaired after damage. Our locks make sure you never worry about having to replace your locks after one or two years and spend money again!

We Have Made Far, Even Further

Connect yourself to your home from the furthest distance ever. No distance can break the connection between you and our lock. Starke provides the best connectivity in the market with AVER Booster, the only digital lock with a certified boost. Within a historical record of 0.1 second, you can open your door with a click, from anywhere in the world. No more lagging connections, or having your visitors stuck outside the door. 

Enjoy Double The Lifespan Of Any Other Lock

On top of power-saving functions, our locks exceed twice the duration a normal lock would last. No need to worry about changing batteries or replacing the lock, we got you covered! We want you to never worry about anything from start to end, and Starke is here to cover it all.

No Need To Position Your Finger Perfectly Again

The core development of our Touch ID is fully based on a 100% identification no matter how you scan your fingers. That means no matter how you position your finger, our locks will know its you. You reduce all the frustration in trying to get into your house by scanning your finger 10 times and then finally resorting to keying in the passcode. We guarantee absolute effective recognition.

The Only One That Survives Any Weather

Our lock surfaces are designed for 100% of rain or water to bounce off before it can reach the interior. These locks are not just designed for shelter use, it can survive any weather! We understand the vexation from having to continually replace your locks because of water damage, and we are here to resolve it all for you.

Slam The Door All You Want

With the only in-built stabilizer in the market, Starke locks are made to be extremely impact resistant. Yes, we have made it possible. This means there will be ZERO damage to the lock when it suffers from impact, eliminating any chances for you to replace the entire lock again. We are the only vendor delivering such a promise, because we know your pain, and we have the solution.

You Will Be Twice As Protected

Again, its double or nothing. We offer twice the length of warranty that any other vendor can provide you. We make sure that you thoroughly enjoy your locks in the period that you truly deserve. Our team ensures to provide the best after-sale service you can receive!