Häfele Digital Lock Review 2022 | Häfele vs Starke Comparison

Say goodbye to the times when you had to carry a chain of keys wherever you go! We have a dozen things on our daily schedule, and we tend to forget the keys most times. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Well, no worries. With a digital lock, you no longer have to worry!

A dozen digital lock brands offer competitive features like auto-locking that relieve the ‘key finding’ burden off your shoulders. Starke and Häfele are among some of the top-selling digital locks in Singapore. 

This is why we decided to compare Starke and Häfele digital locks. We will talk about their functionality, durability, and features in this blog post. 

Starke VS Häfele Digital Lock

These are two brands that are popular among homeowners living in Singapore. Starke is best suited for bigger doors, while Häfele digital lock offers opportune features when it comes to home security. In this review, we will be comparing Starke’s Seamless Högher Push-Pull and Häfele’s PP8100-B. Each digital lock in Singapore has its own features which we will discuss further.

Starke Seamless™ Högher Push-Pull

Häfele Digital Lock PP8100-B

Here’s a comparison chart:

Starke and Häfele home security brands provide robust digital lock products to people living in Singapore. You may get confused choosing one, but having a clear roadmap by closely comparing and studying each brand will help big time. 

Let’s delve into the details from this point on. 

Product Specifications: Starke VS. Häfele

Access Modes (Verdict: Starke offers more options)

Access modes are the unlocking methods that a digital lock incorporates. In the case of Starke and Häfele, we have a variety of access modes. 

Starke Access Modes:

  1. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  2. Pincode 
  3. Mechanical Keys 
  4. Mobile App 
  5. Fingerprint

Häfele Access Modes:

  1. Key or RFID card 
  2. Password 
  3. Mechanical key 
  4. Fingerprint 

Häfele digital lock has four access modes, whereas Starke has an additional mode – a mobile application that helps you to control or manage your digital lock on the go. 

User Unlock Record Database (Verdict: Starke takes the lead)

A digital lock saves fingerprints from recognising the frequent visitors by detecting their identification. This data is secured in the device for later use. 

Starke User Unlock Record

A German-styled digital lock, Starke has a touch ID plate with a semiconductor sensor. It records your fingerprint from any angle and saves it in the anti-Hacking System. 

Starke’s mobile app allows users to view access records

Häfele User Unlock Record

Häfele doesn’t save its user record in the database. It has image capture and fingerprint identifier, which helps deter unwanted entries.

Battery Life (Verdict: Tie between Starke and Häfele)

Since a digital lock is an electronic device, it’s usually battery-operated. So, the battery life is a crucial aspect to look into before buying Starke or Häfele.

Starke Battery Life

Starke runs on a 2A battery for one year to 3 years. It also has an emergency battery backup in a micro USB. These batteries are replaceable instead of running on charge.

Häfele Battery Life

Häfele has different digital lock models with double-A Alkaline and lithium batteries. Both the battery types support long-term battery life. Häfele also has backup battery storage for emergency use.

Auto Locking (Verdict: Häfele has a slight lead)

How many times does it happen that we forget to lock our doors while leaving? With digital locks in place, auto-locking saves a lot of time and stress. 

Starke Auto Locking 

Auto-locking is a kind feature for any digital lock that you plan to install in your modern home, and Starke has taken notes. With kids, pets, or older people at home, Starke’s auto-locking takes care of it. 

Häfele Auto Locking

Häfele takes pride in its auto-locking or relocking services. If the sensors don’t recognize who you are through the face capture or fingerprint, they will not immediately trigger the unlock and relock the door. 

Besides the cutting-edge features, let us focus on what each brand offers to its user base. 

Product Services: Starke VS. Häfele

Starke and Häfele have some core services to offer to their users. We will contrast them below.

Installation Costs (Verdict: Starke wins by a margin)

When you order a digital lock in Singapore, the manufacturers take delivery fees and installation costs. However, Starke and Häfele are different stories.

Starke Installation Costs

Starke values its customer’s choice of connecting with the company, so it provides the installation free of cost. The delivery is also free within the Singaporean region. The brand also accepts direct deposits, which makes things simpler. 

Häfele Installation Costs

When rewarding its customers, Häfele digital lock is on the same boat as Starke. There are no installation fees, or the charges are included at the checkout. Despite the free installation, Häfele doesn’t give users the option to pay through deposits. 

Customer Reviews (Verdict: Starke remains ahead)

Customer reviews are a credible addition to a business’ brand image. We invest in products that other people have trusted. This is why it’s important to go through the user feedback before buying anything. 

Starke User Feedback

Starke has a striking brand image with multiple endorsements from other businesses and users. 

Here’s a list of off-site awards to Starke digital lock in Singapore:

  •  ‘No. 1 Digital Lock for Design & Value‘ – Drum it Loud
  • ‘Top 10 Digital Locks in Singapore‘ – The Smart Local
  • ‘Top 10 Digital Locks for Modern Homes‘ – The Wedding Vow

Besides their listings, Starke’s website has 27 product reviews (5 stars) and 144 Starke brand reviews with five stars. It’s an impressive record. 

Häfele User Feedback

Häfele digital lock doesn’t have an online image or customer exposure for good feedback or endorsements. 

Wrap Up

After comparing both brand’s models of digital locks, it is apparent that Häfele is convenient to use and offers a great battery life. However, Starke is more affordable, and works great for anyone who wants to enjoy home security with no loopholes. So, if you’re looking to purchase a new digital lock for your home, visit Starke’s website today!

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